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Exchange currency pairs: CAD/NGN, NGN/CAD, GBP/NGN, NGN/GBP, CAD/GBP, GBP/CAD.

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Ntradex Key Points

With Ntradex you can be rest assured that your exchange will go smoothly and quickly, we guarantee the best experience.


Quick Exchange

Simply create a Buy or Sell order for CAD or Naira here and it will be fulfilled quickly.


The security of your data and transactions is our top priority, we ensure its safety.


We have the best rates in the market, you can compare and verify for your self.


Our Support Staff is available 24/7, Simply open a Support Ticket or chat with us here.


As an nTradeX user, you earn a commission when your referral link is used to trade.


Users can also open third-party payment orders on behalf of their clients with ease.

Ntradex Exchange Process

Follow the steps below to exchange currency pairs from the available options we offer.


Create Account

Start by signing up with very minimal data to create a record of your information. This will enable you begin the exchange process.

Setup Profile

Setup and complete your profile with information such as Bank Details, and KYC Information etc.

Start Order

Create an Order, by inputting the amount to be bought or sold and the equivalent will be displayed. When done, click on Buy or Sell to start order.

Cash Out

Once order is completed, the transaction status will change from 'Pending' to 'Complete'. At this point you will receive the funds in your Bank Account.

Real Customer Reviews

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Truly Loved.

Fast transaction, safe and trustworthy.

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Polite and friendly, quick transaction.

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Best rate in the market!

Direct by Rebecca Y


Direct by Meldie C

Excellent service

Direct by Luis J

Very fast transaction!

Direct by Lucky A

Good price, always.

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Very patient.

Direct by Daystar M

Polite and friendly.

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Fast Transaction

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Good price

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Easily the best exchange out there!

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Best rates

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Fast Transaction

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Very patient

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Great service!

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Good rate

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Fast transaction

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